MErcier Therapy

As of April 2018, Kelsey will be offering Mercier Therapy treatment and Shared Journey Fertility Program.  

Mercier Therapy has been shown to help reproductive health challenges due to endometriosis, PCOS, diminished ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes, recurring miscarriage, failed medical attempts such as IVF and secondary fertility issues. If you are experiencing pelvic pain, infertility, or are recovering from a C-section, Mercier Therapy may be right for you! 

Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulative technique in which the reproductive organs are mobilized, blood flow restored, and scar tissue can be diminished. Organ restrictions are relieved and movement replenished amongst the organs and surrounding structures to enhance their natural and most optimal function. 

Mercier Therapy protocol is a six hour regime broken up into one hour weekly sessions in which we work via the abdomen to accomplish our goal of releasing organ restriction. 


Shared Journey One-Year Fertility Program

The fertility program can be used as a stand alone regime or to help prepare a women for assisted reproductive cycles. No one would run a race without the proper training and therefore should not go into medically assisted cycles without preparation to optimize the very first cycle.

In an evidence based research study, which concluded in September 2012, Mercier Therapy has proved an 83% pregnancy success rate

The Fertility Program includes the 6-hour massage treatment, as well as supplements, and 1 year of cycle monitoring. 

Learn more about Mercier Therapy by watching the documentary: Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy  at



Consultation and Initial Evaluation $200

Shared Journey Fertility Program $2600

Reproductive Health Treatment $140/session




 Call 385.309.0830 to learn if Mercier Therapy can help you.